#WTF is an online marketplace?

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Today, we are looking at online marketplaces. We know you already have the image of the little red and white market awnings in your head… Delete that thought. That’s not what we mean. 

Question. What do you get when you cluster a bunch of market participants, let’s say stores, in order for them to sell their products to consumers and making it convenient for them to shop and compare products of all the players in the market? A mall? Correct! A mall is a marketplace for retailers. 

An online marketplace is a digital version of this. Commonly-known online marketplaces are the likes of Autotrader, Takealot, and Airbnb. Why are they important? Well, they are important to consumers because of their benefits. They help them make sense of what the entire market has to offer, in order to get the best deals. They help consumers compare the proverbial “apples with apples,” thereby creating efficiency and convenience for them in a way that saves time and money.

So, what if a marketplace helped you make sense of your home loan options? AND got you the best deal in the market? AND gave you real money back in the process? Well, it’s reality, it’s called

Because we give you access to the top banks in South Africa, you get all the CHOICE, CONVENIENCE and TRANSPARENCY to compare your home loan options. Those are just our appetisers… This marketplace also gives you REAL MONEY for using our platform to apply for your home loan. Indeed, that’s our MoneyGuarantee offer of R5,000 to R25,000 to spend on anything you want.

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The MortgageMarket Team