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Important News: Your payment holiday on your home loan is coming to an end

Here is some guidance on what to expect and do going forward.You will start to receive communication from your bank regarding your options. Look out for this and take the bank's...

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Things To Look Out For Before Buying Property Post Covid-19

The property sector, like all sectors, has not escaped the effects of Covid-19 and its impact can be felt in multiple ways. Firstly, the price of high valued residential property,...

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MortgageMarket launches instant Home Loan Pre-approval tool for all customers

Getting a home can be an exciting yet stressful journey, when it comes to knowing if the bank will loan you the necessary funds. In a time where interest rates are at a 25-year...

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#WTF is a buyer’s market

If you live in present-day South Africa (and have for the last few years), and have been looking for a home, you would’ve most likely heard the term ‘buyer’s market’. Don’t...

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#WTF is the actual costs of owning a home?

Hey hey! It’s us. Your Wednesday, Thursday, Friday home ownership companions. One of the most common mistakes home buyers make, is focusing only on the cost of bond payments,...

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#WTF, I can buy a car for R1m but not a home for R1m?

Hello again friends and followers, thank you for stopping by for another mind-boggling #WTF session. So, from our title, you have now learnt that there are instances whereby you...

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