MoneyGuarantee, honestly?

How? How are we able to give our favourite people (you, the consumer) the respect you deserve and literally give you money guaranteed on the home loan application you make through our platform?

We’re glad you asked. First though, let’s tell you a little bit about us. is in the business of making sure you, the buyer, have access to all the major banks, as you make a very important decision: buying a home. Not only do we focus on getting you the best deals - as you will see when you use our platform to compare your home loan options, we also focus on preparing you and getting you up-to-date information on the home loans market. 

We believe that the process of home ownership starts with you taking control of your application. We got you! We give you a simple and easy-to-use online application platform to access all the banks, in real-time. Once you get your home loan, we will give you our #MoneyGuarantee offer of up to R25,000. What you do with it is completely up to you. 

Now, you must be asking how on earth we are able to come through with this completely ludicrous idea of giving you what you deserve? It is so simple. WE AREN’T GREEDY. On every application of a home loan, there is a fee the bank pays to the bond originator (that’s us), and that’s what we are sharing it with you. Because we give you the power to self-serve through our online platform, we’re able to run a lean operation, allowing our running costs to be minimal. We believe it should go back to you.

Like we said, simple. 

You take ownership by making the application, you get the money, guaranteed. 

See you in the mortgage streets. 

The MortgageMarket Team